Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bling Ring Raid

Okay so it's safe to say I'm way too excited for Sofia Coppola's new movie, The Bling Ring, to come out this summer. I'm fascinated by the whole story and have to admit after boning up on it I've been tempted to start my own (hello they barely got probation and got to raid some of the best closets in the world!). Okay I'm clearly kidding, because I wouldn't last one day in jail but let's just say hypothetically, if you could, whose closet would you raid?

I'd have to go with Olivia Palermo. I have a serious obsession with her style. It's flawless. She takes risks but rarely steps over the line. She always looks put together (almost annoyingly perfect). Not to mention, she has amazing hair. Here are a few of my favorite looks: 
This Marchesa coat is absolutely stunning. 

So chic

I can't even express how much I love this look

I love this floral look for spring/summer

I love that she pair leopard flats with a patterned dress

The perfect summer look

This Zara handbag is on my to-buy list. (Her hot man doesn't hurt this ensemble either)

She even looks put together in workout clothes! 

To be honest, it was even hard to narrow it down to just these picks! (I do have to admit, though, it would be a toss up between Olivia and Kate Middleton). 

Whose closet would you raid? 

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  1. Her style is FAB! I think the hot guy she was pictured with was her best accessory haha!


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