Monday, June 3, 2013

Five Months Down...a few days late

I apologize to being absent last week. After my trip last week I had a ton of things on my mind, and lots to do before the end of the school year. Friday was my last day with my little munchkins, and while I found myself begging for the end of the year over the past few months, it really was sad I worked at the school where I am now employed over the summer all while I was in college and worked in the infant room one year. Several of the children who were in the infant room that one summer, were in my class this year. So it's been so amazing to get to see those babies grow up! There is no other word to describe it but bittersweet. 

My trip to Charleston was beyond words. I'm honestly counting down the days until I can visit again. Stay tuned for a more in depth synopsis of my weekend. 

But I did want to post my monthly update. I feel like a lot happened this month,

I ran the 5K on my list (I know you're tired of hearing about it by now). 

I expanded my jewelry collection with a few trinkets
This David Yurman bracelet and cute summer necklace

But I've also been reading up a storm. With the year winding down we had a lot of spare time during nap time so I got to check three books off my reading list. 
I finished Slightly Engaged. It was cute and I enjoyed it. 

I read Slightly Married. This was probably my second favorite of the whole series (behind the first book). This had the most action and plot developments, even though I was disappointed in who she ultimately chose. 
There is a fifth installment to the series, but after reading the description I thought I'd pass. It didn't seem terribly interesting and the reviews weren't amazing so I figured it wasn't worth it. 

Last saturday I started Firefly Lane. I had heard many good things about it and needed something to read while at the beach. I honestly couldn't put it down. I would have finished it even sooner had it not been for my busy week. It is so heartfelt and the writing is wonderful. I absolutely recommend this one! 
It's about two best friends and their relationship over thirty plus years. Beware, it's a tearjerker! 
There is a sequel, which I am just now beginning.  

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  1. Firefly Lane is probably my all time favorite book!!

    Love your new baubles! Where did you find the necklace?


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