Monday, June 24, 2013

Storage Wars

So you know that I am maybe, sort of, slightly OCD when it comes to everything in my life. But one aspect of my life in which I am almost certifiable is organization. I'm not kidding, I could write a book and I would give anything to become a personal organizer.

With one of my New Years Resolutions being to expand my jewelry collection, I have had to update my jewelry storage. Last summer I installed a shelf above my dresser to house a few odds and ends and to hang my necklaces on. But with my collection expanding, I had to figure out new ways to house everything.

I bought this great Acrylic Bracelet Stand from the Container Store. 

Here's a look at my hooks.

Even though this isn't jewelry related, I bought this great glass container from Home Goods to house my nail polishes.

Here is the finished product.

How do you organize your jewelry? 


  1. You did such a great job, love all the organizational stuffed you used. I desperately need to do all my jewelry and makeup!


  2. Very pretty!! I love displaying jewelry instead of just putting it in a drawer! I have three of the Anthro letter hooks to spell out my initials and hang necklaces on those!


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