Friday, June 21, 2013


If I have one weakness when it comes to patterns, it's stripes. I'm not kidding, when I enter a store it's as if there is a magnet that automatically pulls me toward any kind of clothing with stripes on it. 

Please get a load of what my closet looks like.
(and that's just the dresses...)

I recently bought these three dresses to add to the collection. 

I think I need some kind of help. 
Does anyone else have an addiction to stripes? 


  1. I love that skater dress! Looks so comfy to throw on for a casual day!

  2. I have an addiction to stripes too, I've been going back and forth on wanting to buy the skater dress from ASOS, so cute!

  3. Those stripe dresses are adorable! What great finds.

    Kristin @ The Punctuated Polkadot


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