Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movie Buff

I love movies. I love to see the latest releases and consider myself quite the expert on celebrity gossip, but I have a serious soft spot for old movies. Maybe it's because they remind me of days spent with my grandmother, but there is just something so soothing and sophisticated about them (I know I'm instantly put into a good mood the minute I put in Breakfast at Tiffany's). 

I was flipping through my new Lilly Pulitzer coffee table book and it mentioned the American Film Institutes Top 100 Films list so I had to check it out and see how many movies I could check off.
 I was pretty impressed to say I've seen 25 in their entirety, while I've probably seen parts of about five others. 

I took a film class in college which may have been one of my all time favorite classes, it was fascinating, and it forced me to branch out of my romantic comedy rut. I got to see several classics I may not have initially chosen to see (i.e. Citizen Kane- remarkable for how revolutionary it was at the time but incredibly depressing). But looking at the list I realized just how many classics I've yet to actually see. Would you believe I've never seen all of Casablanca or Gone With the Wind (I'm embarrassed to say!). 

New resolution is to knock a few more titles off the list by the end of the year. How many of these have you seen? Do you have a thing for old movies, like me? 


  1. I definitely have to watch more old movies! I've seen and loved some but have a harder time getting into them!

  2. My mom loves old movies, so I've seen some of them, but I just can't seem to get into them! I can't believe you've never seen Gone With the Wind, though! You must watch it!


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