Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Cut Above

So this past weekend I took a pretty big plunge for me, I cut my hair! In all honesty it was kind of a happy accident. I love having long(ish) hair. I've gotten so used to it over the past few years and I just prefer the way it looks on me. But the constant torture I put it through really damages it. Let me just say that I am religious about washing my hair-EVERY SINGLE DAY- I never skip a day, which means that I am forced to blow dry it-EVERY SINGLE DAY- to get it looking somewhat presentable. So yeah, basically my hair hates me. I've been trying to treat it well with deep conditioning hair products but nothing has really done a great deal of repair. Which really left me with one choice- chop off the dead ends. Because I loved my length I'm always against cutting it, which means that my dead ends were really long. So when I asked my hairdresser to make the cut a little more came off than I was prepared to say goodbye to. 

But I kind of think it was a sign. Lately I've been dreaming of several LOB (Long Bob) hair cuts that all the celebs are sporting, but I was just too chicken to take the plunge. Well I jumped in head first! 
I'm obsessed with Giuliana's cut, it's so sleek and elegant. (Plus it looks fab on her).

I adore everything Kelly Ripa does. From her fashion sense to her adorable locks, she can do no wrong. My cut isn't quite this short but how fab is this look??

But the style I have wanted more than anything is Olivia Palermo's LOB. I mean has there ever been more gorgeous hair?? (Now if I only ever get bold enough to try a middle part). 

Although I'm already missing my longer locks, my looks and feels 1000% healthier. I was exactly what it needed. Now I resolve to keep up with regular hair cuts so it can grow again, but still maintain healthy ends. 

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