Monday, September 16, 2013

A Little Luxury

I've noticed recently that I have gotten so caught up with the everyday hustle and bustle that I rarely take time to do anything purely self indulgent. I think it's so important to hit the pause button every once and awhile and do something simply luxurious, that is just for you. Here are a few tips of things I do to make myself feel pampered. 

Get Your Hair Did 
Few things make me feel as good as when I'm having a good hair day. I just downloaded the Drybar app and am trying to decide when the perfect time is to schedule my first appointment. So many cities now have blow dry bars with extremely reasonable prices. 


Essie: Hot Coco- The perfect shade for the fall 
This is obvious, but it's also easy to become delinquent on. As much as I love doing this, this is the first luxury I cross off if I just can't fit it into my schedule. But I'm going to try and resign myself to be better about it because it really does make a world of difference. 

Light an Amazing Candle 
Henri Bendel: Lavender Leaves Candle- This candle smells incredible and has the added bonus of incorporating one of the most soothing smells 
There is just something incredibly soothing about having candles burning, not to mention to pleasing aroma. I tend to spend way too much on candles, but I have to admit it's kind of worth it. 

Buy Some Blooms 
One thing I have resolved to do is to have fresh flowers in my apartment as often as I can. They really bring a little life into a room. There is just something so refreshing about them! 

Indulge in Some Fancy Beauty Products
I have a mix of high end and drug store cosmetics, but there is just something so wonderful about using nicer products. In some cases, I fail to see the difference, in which case, I'm happy to save a little money, but I have to concede that some of the more expensive products are well worth the price. Go have a day where you experiment with what products you like the best. 

What are a few things you do to pamper yourself? 

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