Monday, September 9, 2013

Eight Months Down

Imagine that- we're nine days into September and I'm just now posting my monthly review of August. Well better late than never I suppose...

I started He's Gone in the middle of July but didn't really get into it until I had some time off in August. It's pretty reminiscent of Gone Girl but not nearly as racy. Once I did have time to devote to it, I did enjoy it, but there wasn't a whole lot of action. The story is about a woman who wakes up to realize her husband has suddenly vanished while she cant seem to remember key parts of the evening before. The story is told with flashbacks to how they met (they were both married at the time) and travels through their affair and establishment of their relationship, and follows her as she searches for him. I did like it but wasn't blown away.

Follow me on Goodreads. I'm always looking for book suggestions so I'd love to have some new friends on there with similar literary taste.

But as you are painfully aware at this point, the biggest success of my New Years Resolutions was moving to New York! 

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