Thursday, September 26, 2013

Give Up Outfit

Do you ever have days when you just don't feel like picking out an outfit? On Sunday, I like to check that weeks weather forecast and brainstorm a few ideas of what I plan on wearing that week, but don't usually plan too far in advance because the weather always seems to change. So by Wednesday and Thursday I feel like I have exhausted all of my good ideas and am left with just so-so options. 

This is pretty much always what I resort to when I give-up.

Give Up Outfit

1. A Simple Tee- Usually striped
2. A Comfortable Pair of Jeans 
3. Basic Flats

But there are lots of ways to spruce these outfits up 

1. Try a bold mix of patterns (like leopard or snakeskin flats with your stripe shirt)

2. Add a third piece of clothing (such as a vest or scarf)
I was told once that J.Crew employes have to have a minimum of three articles of clothing on at all times (which is why they always look like they are actually wearing an outfit instead of a plain, boring, dress) 

3. Go for a more interesting alternative- While the long-sleeved t-shirts are easy (I'm not kidding I have at least 10) they aren't the most interesting (I always feel unpolished when I put one on) so look for more interesting alternatives that are still functional and comfortable 

I love Splendid, their clothes are so comfortable, yet have certain details that make their pieces more unique. This shirt has a drape quality that make it more visually pleasing (plus it will hide a multitude of sins)

This peplum is incredibly darling. It's casual enough that you won't look like you're trying too hard, but still has a little something extra that gives an outfit a finished look. 

Dolman sleeves are one of my favorite details on simple tee's. They make them so comfortable and are surprisingly flattering on almost every body type. This top is on my wishlist for sure. 

The high neck on this sweater helps to streamline the boxy dolman look, to make it even more flattering. The top is perfection. 

How do you spruce up you're "give-up outfit"?

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