Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trendy Tuesday: Styling a Chambray Shirt

You read about my quest for the perfect chambray/denim shirt and now it's time to discuss how to style it. 

Colored Denim:

For me I have always treated denim as a neutral so my initial thought was to pair it with all of those color jeans we now own. It's a great way to mix up an outfit (as opposed to having the predictable denim bottom and colored top). Plus I think this tones down the colored denim to make them more subtle. 

White Jeans:

Since I'm a rebel I refuse to abide by the "no white jeans past labor day" rule. To me, the weather dictates whether or not white denim is appropriate. If it's still Indian Summer, I saw go for it. White jeans have such a limited time frame and with excruciatingly hot temperatures they aren't always an option, so you need to figure out a way to incorporate them into the fall. 


This is kind of obvious and not the more fashionable but it is comfortable and is a simple way jazz up a usually dull outfit and make it appear more put together. I prefer to pair mine with J.Crew pixie pants to make it a little more dressy, but they're still as comfortable as leggings. 

Dark Denim: 
When I first heard about this pairing I was hesitant (actually I was flat out against it). But it's really grown on me. The key here is to have extremely different shades, the top needs to be drastically lighter than the pants (otherwise you look like you're in a Jlo jumpsuit). 

How do you style your chambray shirt? 

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