Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Whereabouts: Heart and Soul

At the end of last week I decided I was in need of a little pampering (aside from my weekly mani and biweekly pedi). It was a weekend of "Tory" and surprisingly didn't consist of too much shopping.

I booked my first Drybar appointment last Thursday for friday night and let me just tell you I fear I have a new addiction. I've gone to Blow before, in the city, but have always heard such amazing things about Drybar that I need I had to try it out. With my champagne in hand, and Friends with Benefits playing on the TV in front of me, I got the royal treatment. Already made my appointment for next weekend and am contemplating purchasing the packages so I can get one done every weekend! (My only suggestion is to ditch the "floater" it's an additional 10 minute scalp massage which isn't really necessary since they already do a phenomenal job washing your hair). 

Saturday I decided to hit SoulCycle. For those of you who are unfamiliar with SoulCycle, it's a spinning class that incorporates dance and weights to give a full body workout. It's amazing! I had forgotten how much I loved it, I've already done it twice this week. I used to do spinning in Baltimore but this is like spinning on steroids and the music selection is perfect. You get so into it that before you know it the class is almost over. But be prepared to sweat, there's a reason all the celebs (think Jake Gyllenhal, Katie Holms, Kelly Ripa, and my man Bradley Cooper) swear by it. My only criticism is that it's a little pricey so this is a luxury I will have to ration. 

What do you do to pamper yourself? 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nine Months Down

It seems that the majority of my monthly posts have grown to be predominately about the books I have read. But I'm pretty much okay with that. Aside from taking a cooking class I have accomplished just about everything on my list (still working to complete my 20 books by 9/31) but other than that everything has been pretty much checked off my list. So I would say this post for the next three months will mainly be a book review of sorts.

Most people judge books by their covers (which I'm totally guilty of) but I judge mine based on their endings. If I like a books ending chances are I tell people I liked the book, even if the majority of it was just mediocre. But if I walk away feeling dissatisfied, I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth. That's how I feel about Defending Jacob. I have to admit the majority of the book was well written and interesting. The plot is about a district attorney who is faced with a moral dilemma when his teenage son is charged with the murder he is working on. The book was so-so, I enjoyed it but wasn't riveted to continue. It definitely wasn't one I couldn't put down...then there was the ending. There was a twist

I also read Little Children by Tom Perrotta. This was so weird. I mean, I actually felt a little uncomfortable reading it. It's about a couple of stay-at-home parents who start an affair when a child molester moves into their neighborhood. It was a suggestion on Goodreads and I thought it sounded juicy, but in actuality it was just strange. Aside from the affair between Todd and Sarah, there wasn't a whole lot that happened. There were a lot of character to keep track of, all with similar names, and the ending was weak. Don't waste your time. I didn't realize when I started it, but it was also made into a movie staring Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson.

After reading a lot of so-so books, and one really painful one (see above) I finally found one I couldn't put down. I decided that after reading a lot of "heavy" books I needed one that was light, so I settles on Brooklyn Girls by Gemma Burgess. I started it briefly over the summer but decided to pick it up again this month and simply couldn't put it down. (I found myself hoping I was early for my subway so I could get in a few extra minutes of reading). The book is told from the perspective of Pia, a recent college graduate who seems to have a flare for messing everything up in her life (in the first chapter alone she sleeps with her roommates brother, has a party so wild it forces her downstairs neighbors ceiling to cave in, and gets fired from her new job). But Pia is determined to turn her life around and after a few failed rounds of starting over, has the amazing idea of starting a "skinny" food truck. It follows her adventures on her new venture, her dating life, and her relationships with her four roommates. I think I really enjoyed it because it resonated with me on so many levels, not only am I starting out in New York but still considering myself "recently out of college" means you're still figuring everything out. The author does a great job of capturing a young girls thought process and the reality early twenty-somethings go through. The best part about this book? It's a series! Not sure when the next one will be out, but I cannot wait!

What books have you read lately?
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