Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Outfits

First, I need to apologize for my extended absence. Life has just been crazy and I feel like I haven't had a spare second to dedicate to writing. But I promise to (try to) be better! But let's get back to the good stuff. The next few weeks are full of tons of special events which means many outfits need to be scouted. Every year I try to find the best holiday looks, something festive and special, and every year I feel like I fail in some way. In full disclosure I start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits in September. I don't know why, but I just think these days are some of the ones you want to look your absolute best. 

So we're coming down to the wire for Thanksgiving (can you believe it's already next week?!) and I think I finally landed on what I'm going to wear (as of last night). 

Last week I made my token trip into Zara and found a rack of the softest, most vestal sweaters ever. 
I bought the Sand color and fully intend on going back for more, the price is just way too affordable. 

I plan to pair that with this amazing skirt from J.Crew, in navy. 

Done and done. 

The friday after Thanksgiving is my birthday (ugh) and I'm turning...2-5. (Kill me now). For some reason I'm really not looking forward to this birthday. I usually love birthdays and pretty much celebrate it all month, but this year I'm not too wild about it. Maybe it's because I'm officially becoming old? 

But I found this little number and I think it will do just the trick to get me in the birthday mood. It's special enough for a b-day but versatile enough that I will be able to wear it again. 

And I'm already thinking down the road to Christmas, since I'm assuming it will creep up on us just like Thanksgiving did. I'm obsessed with this skirt and think I'm going to pair it with a plain black sweater and deck myself in jewels. 


Do you know what you're wearing for the holidays? 


  1. Love that J. Crew navy skirt! Will definitely buy one, it is exactly what I have been looking for


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