Thursday, December 19, 2013

Outerwear Flare

So yesterday I told you of my long quest for the perfect, puffy, winter coat. But the truth is, during winter, your outerwear is pretty much all anyone sees (especially here since you spend so much time outside during your commute). So there are tons of different pieces you need to achieve the ultimate outerwear flare. 

First a good raincoat. I have a Patagonia rain jacket that is perfect for the spring and summer, but is way too thin during the fall and winter. So thin in fact, that when it rains I now rely on my Barbour, baseball hat, and umbrella to keep me dry. Which, let's face it, just doesn't cut it. 

While searching for my winter coat, I saw this little baby

When I first pointed it out, my mom was less than impressed, but after I slipped it on it won her over. I mean I'm obsessed with this coat. The belt makes it incredibly flattering, it's waterproof with a hood, and thick enough to keep you warm during the chillier months. 

Now if I suddenly had my pick this is the gorgeous baby I would be added to my closet, but since it doesn't rain too frequently here in the city, I just can't justify such a big purchase on something I won't get that much use out of. 

You also need dressier, but still warm, jackets to wear out on the weekends. (But remember ladies, don't take anything too expensive out with you because you never know what could happen to it). 

I have a leather jacket that's almost identical to this Zara Moto Jacket, from a few years ago. 

It's perfect for a night out because I'm not too attached to it. It's pretty warm, but I would say it's definitely better for above freezing temperatures. 

I've told you about my love for this coat several times and it has not waned. 

Next up on my to-do list is to purchase a puffy coat for going out. This coat can be less expensive and doesn't have to meet all of my previous criteria, it just needs to be warm, flattering, and inexpensive.

Something like this

or this

would be perfect.  

Zara really is the place to pick up the perfect going out jacket because they're all relatively priced and are extremely cute. You can pretty much find any style you desire. 

I'm also obsessed with this coat, just thought I'd throw it out there. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter's Number One Necessity: The Puffy Coat

I feel like I have become a full fledged expert on outerwear. When you spend close to an hour walking to and from work each day (that's total, not each way, thank goodness) you find out what kind of outwear works and what really doesn't. 

For the brief blink of an eye that was fall, I was perfectly content alternating between my Burberry Quilted Jacket and Barbour Beadnell jacket. In Baltimore, I was perfectly fine wearing my Barbour well through the winter, but I quickly realized that in the city that just wouldn't cut it. 

Over Thanksgiving break I spent close to an hour in Nordstrom trying on hundreds of different coats to find just the right one. Obviously I'm fastidious about the look, but it also had to be warm. And I after looking at about three different coats, I realized finding both in a jacket was going to be a bit of a challenge. There's a flaw somewhere in this plan. Here were my stipulations: 

1. It had to be thick enough to actually keep me warm but not so puffy that I looked like the Michelin man
2. I wanted it long enough to cover my thighs but not long enough that I was wearing a sleeping bag 
3. I obviously was looking for black because what other color do you wear here? 
4. If possible I was hoping for some kind of special detail (i.e. a fur trimmed hood) that would set me aside from the masses of other black puffy coats 

Well needless to say, this was pretty much impossible. I eventually came to the conclusion of this North Face 

But for some reason I wasn't totally sold on it. 

Eventually Momma and I found ourselves in J.Crew when I saw it, the unicorn of puffy jackets

First, it was super warm, second it had a belt to make it flattering, and third it had gorgeous gold snaps to give it a little extra flare. I was sold and have worn it every day since. 

Do you have/need a puffy coat where you live? If so which one do you have? 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Santa...

I don't know about you, but writing my Christmas list is a fun, yet daunting process. I'm constantly seeing pieces that I want to buy, but when it comes time to actually catalog them all I can't seem to find/remember a single thing I really want. (Plus I'm pretty sure I make some things up in my head and am never able to find said item because well…it doesn't exist). This year I tried to be proactive and write a list toward the end of November but come Christmas time I had forgotten all but three items I included. (Which makes me realize I must not really want them if I forgot about them).

I have two vices since moving to the city, Soulcycle and Drybar. Having someone else do your hair is my favorite kind of luxury. I'm dying for Santa to give me a Drybar monthly subscription. They come in two different packages: 
The Barfly ($140): Which is four different blowouts and 10% off of all their products 
The Regular ($75): Which is two different blowouts and 10% off their products 

I've been in a boots mood for awhile now, because, well it's too cold to wear anything else. 

I've had my eye on this Marc Jacobs bag for awhile now and I've got my fingers crossed it shows up under the tree! 

And finally, this beauty. Please, oh please, Santa, I promise I've been good this year…

What are the main items on your list this year? 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Click Your Heels Three Times

I consider myself more of a purse girl but lately I've been drooling over shoes. There's something so magical about a beautiful pair of glass slippers, they can make any girl feel like a princess.

I just bought these babies for Thanksgiving. I'm a sucker for anything with a bow (and they were such a great deal). 

Sunday I went to Kate Spade and fell in love with way too many pairs of shoes. 

These Netta Booties are amazing. I love the subtle bow detail and hint of gold on the heel. (I'd go with the black). Safe to say these beauties have made their way to the Christmas list. 

These gorgeous heels are aptly names the "Happy Pumps". They are perfection in person 

I'm a sucker for sparkly shoes, I just think they scream holidays. These look like so much fun. 

Normally these wouldn't stand out to me, but I think they would be a great, chic option for a night out. 

I love anything this animal print 

How gorgeous is the color?

What shoes are you loving at the moment? 
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