Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter's Number One Necessity: The Puffy Coat

I feel like I have become a full fledged expert on outerwear. When you spend close to an hour walking to and from work each day (that's total, not each way, thank goodness) you find out what kind of outwear works and what really doesn't. 

For the brief blink of an eye that was fall, I was perfectly content alternating between my Burberry Quilted Jacket and Barbour Beadnell jacket. In Baltimore, I was perfectly fine wearing my Barbour well through the winter, but I quickly realized that in the city that just wouldn't cut it. 

Over Thanksgiving break I spent close to an hour in Nordstrom trying on hundreds of different coats to find just the right one. Obviously I'm fastidious about the look, but it also had to be warm. And I after looking at about three different coats, I realized finding both in a jacket was going to be a bit of a challenge. There's a flaw somewhere in this plan. Here were my stipulations: 

1. It had to be thick enough to actually keep me warm but not so puffy that I looked like the Michelin man
2. I wanted it long enough to cover my thighs but not long enough that I was wearing a sleeping bag 
3. I obviously was looking for black because what other color do you wear here? 
4. If possible I was hoping for some kind of special detail (i.e. a fur trimmed hood) that would set me aside from the masses of other black puffy coats 

Well needless to say, this was pretty much impossible. I eventually came to the conclusion of this North Face 

But for some reason I wasn't totally sold on it. 

Eventually Momma and I found ourselves in J.Crew when I saw it, the unicorn of puffy jackets

First, it was super warm, second it had a belt to make it flattering, and third it had gorgeous gold snaps to give it a little extra flare. I was sold and have worn it every day since. 

Do you have/need a puffy coat where you live? If so which one do you have? 

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  1. I have a long North Face that isn't the most fashionable but is very snuggly. I'm with you on the Burberry jacket and Barbour being all I used to need. Sigh.


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