Monday, January 20, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Now that we're almost a full month into 2014, I figured it was time to share a few of my New Years Resolutions with you. Last year I made a conscious effort to hold myself (or rather have you guys hold me) accountable by writing about my progress at the end of each month. It kind of fell by the way side (much like my blogging, in general) during the fall but I think it really helped me to remind myself each month that there were things I still wanted to accomplish. 

Here are how I stacked up against 
Last Years Resolutions:
1. Run a 5K: Check! (The Color Run) 
2. Read twenty books, including five classics: I finished my 20th book 1/1/14 so technically I did not make it (plus I did not read those five classics) so as punishment I'm upping the ante this year
3. Move to New York: Check! 
4. Take a cooking class: Fail, but I'm determined to do it this year 
5. Expand Jewelry Collection: Check!
6. Buy 3 Coffee Table Books: Check! (Ended up with five) 

Here are some of my 2014 resolutions: 
1. Invest in more things for my apartments: Before I moved, I was consumed with my desire to purchase things for my apartment, but since I've moved I've wanted to spend that money on clothes or activities and have really neglected my home. I'm going to make a conscious effort to purchase more things for objects as opposed to clothes. 
2. Try Three New Restaurants a Month: I am constantly reading, hearing, and researching the best places to go out to dinner in the city. There are so many great places to explore that I'm definitely going to try visit three new restaurants each month. 
3. Buy my next designer handbag: Post on this to follow
4. Read twenty five books this year: Last year I was so close, but since I didn't make it I'm forcing myself to read even more. 
5. Keep up wit Blogging more: I've been extremely neglectful since I moved and I'm going to make a serious effort to write more. I'll probably expand, a little more, of the subject matter that I blog about but don't worry I promise it will still be good. 
6. Instagram more: I'm addicted to Instagram, I check it constantly, but I realized that I went through a period when I wasn't posting my own photos so this year I'm promising myself to take more photos- which in turn kind of forces me to do more amazing things to document 
7. Try New Things: There are so many insanely cool things to do here that I just want to try everything!

Hold me to them again this yes!


  1. Ugh, I've been the same way with my apartment. I was so eager to buy allthethings beforehand, and now I just want to spend it all on going out/events. I haven't even decorated and I moved in August! I definitely need to get on that- then maybe I'll want to spend more time there!

  2. Hello love! just discovered your blog and adore it- i am all for taking a cooking class and i have tons of restaurant recommendations to share :)

    Montana <3

  3. Hello love! Just discovered your blog and adore it- I am so up for a cooking class and have many restaurant recommendations to share! I def surpass 3 new restaurants a month, I'm obsessed with trying and researching new ones.



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