Monday, February 3, 2014

Here Comes the Sun

While the snow is falling, here in NYC, I've been dreaming of warmer temperatures. I've been reaching my limit with good old winter over the past few weeks (I mean, this Polar Vortex business needs to take a hike) and have been craving a nice warm vacay. So earlier this afternoon a few friends and I decided to bite the bullet and book a little trip to Florida for St. Patrick's Day weekend. I'm beyond thrilled, all I need are some temperatures above 25 degrees and I'm a happy girl. (That's not an exaggeration either, Saturday we have temps around 45-50 degrees and I felt like we were in the middle of a heat wave). 

So it's no surprised I'm already scouting out some new loot for my trip. Here are a few items I think I need to purchase

With this trip now on the books, and a few other fun plans in March (hello Claire's bachelorette party weekend!) I'm starting to feel like Spring will be here before I know it. Take that Punxsutawney Phil!


  1. I have spring fever bad! I love both of those bathing suits!

  2. LOVE these sunglasses!! I'm dreaming of warmer weather also!


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