Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monthly Book Roundup

So this month I slipped up a little and only completed one book by the end of the month. I blame it on exhaustion from working extended hours through the Olympics. But finally life is getting back to normal and hope to get my reading schedule back on track.

The other thing to blame is a lack of motivation to finish the book I was reading. Does that ever happen to you? The book is okay and you do want to find out how it ends but it's not captivating enough to make you not want to put it down. That's how I would describe Jane Green's Another Piece of My Heart. It's the story of a family, focusing mainly on the relationship between the stepmother Andi and teenage daughter, Emily, and all the drama that comes along with Emily's poor life decisions and inability to let Andi in. It's a cute story and I can honestly say 100 pages in I was surprised to see where the plot was heading (but I may just be dense) but I felt that it dragged a lot. I wouldn't say I regret reading it, I did ultimately enjoy it, but it wouldn't be one of my top recommendations for anyone.

Any new reads to recommend?

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