Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Necessities

Lately I've had a really bad habit of buying pieces out of necessity (or what I perceive to be necessity) rather than because I really love them. I can't tell you how many Friday or Saturday afternoons I find myself with nothing to wear and settling for something that is mediocre. I went through a similar phase right after I graduated college and I vowed never to get stuck in that rut again. I'm forcing myself to make a similar pledge right now. Investment pieces are so much more worth while and it's so much more exciting to purchase something that you absolutely love, rather than something you're lukewarm about. Yes, in the end, it will definitely cost you more, and you won't be able to shop quite as often, but I think it's a worthwhile trade off.

In order to bide off my new bad habit I have devised a plan. I've made a list of the main pieces I really want to add to my wardrobe this season and every week I will do my best to purchase one of these pieces. It will satisfy my shopping addiction, not break the bank, and I'll be adding clothes that I actually want and need!

So here are some of the pieces on my Spring 2014 wish list:

1. Comfortable Pair(s) of Nude Heels: 
Nude heels are a necessity, they go with everything and look fantastic with both dresses and pants. The best part is they are flattering on everyone because they give an optical illusion that elongates the leg!

2. Fun Flats: 
Since I'm telling myself that soon we will be out of the duldrums of winter (in which the only practical footwear are boots) flats are a great way to perk up an otherwise simple outfit. I've been adding to my collection throughout the winter and am so excited to finally put them to good use. I'm challenging myself to be more bold when it comes to mixing patterns with flats and clothing this spring.

3. More and More Dresses: Dresses are my favorite thing to wear. I think they are effortless, comfortable, and feminine. Plus after being stuck in jeans and black pants all winter I'm chomping at the bit to mix it up.

4. Fun Heels: 
I tend to be practical when it comes to my footwear. I want comfortable shoes that look good, but since I often spend a pretty penny on them, I want them to be versatile. It is important, when you spend a lot of money on something, to be able to get the most bang for your buck, so I constantly talk myself out of more fun pieces in place of a more sensible option. This season I want to treat myself more and expand my shoe collection. I'm always lusting after other girls footwear but always shy away when it comes to pulling the trigger on my own purchases. It's time to be more bold, Tory!

5. Fun Jackets: 
I don't know what it is, but since the Fall, I've been obsessed with jackets and coats. Probably because outerwear is so important in New York, and that's pretty much all anyone sees of you for about five months it's important. But this Spring I want to buy more fun, flirty, Spring appropriate jackets.
This C.Wonder Drawstring Anorak is the perfect weight for Spring temperatures and it comes with a detachable hood incase you get caught in one of those unexpected April showers!

6. Classic, Versatile, Basics
Michael Kors Leather-Pocket Striped Tee

What's on your Spring wish list? 

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  1. I totally agree with you! I'm all about the great pants, striped tees, and comfortable shoes! I really want more dresses for Spring, It's such an easy outfit to put together!


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