Friday, May 9, 2014

Fashion Faux Pas Friday: Harem Pants

You may recall my diatribe on "boyfriend jeans", but if not, allow me to summarize: I detest them. They are ill fitting and sloppy. I have yet to see a single person, celebrities included, who look flattering in them. But I have a new hatred for an item of clothing that rivals that of my disdain for "boyfriend jeans", harem pants (aka "boyfriend jeans's trampy step sister). If you can imagine they manage to be even more unflattering and yet still have hypnotized a large number of girls into thinking they are fashionable.

I'm from the camp, that regardless of what might be "in vogue" first-and-foremost one must always wear clothing that compliments them. You should stay true to your personal style and embrace what you like, regardless of what the masses are telling you is cool. Harem parents are the greatest example of how girls can be brainwashed into mindless sheep, who just want to wear the "cool thing" rather than what actually looks good them. (The creator of them seriously must be a genius to convince people they are attractive- but I digress). Why girls want to look like Jasmines gothic sister is beyond me, but nevertheless, I see at least three girls wearing them daily. So my big question is why? Why do these pants exist? And why do some girls insist on assaulting my vision daily with there presence.

I thus conclude this weeks rant, you are free to return to your day.

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