Wednesday, August 6, 2014

101 in 1001

I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers share their list of 101 things they would like to accomplish in 1001 days (approximately 2.75 years) and have always secretly relished a peek at their personal goals, but felt extremely overwhelmed by the idea of doing it myself. But last week I decided to sit down and just see how far I could get and it surprisingly wasn't too difficult (full disclosure: I took some inspiration from other lists). Since I took the time to write them all out, I figured it was only fair I share them with all of you (that way you can hold me accountable). I've even made some headway already!

Start Date: August 4, 2014 
Finish: May 1, 2017


1. Come up with 101 goals (August 2014)
2. Take a cooking class
3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for two weeks
4. Move to a new apartment
5. Do a full closet purge and get rid of anything I no longer wear or doesn't fit my personal style (Sept. 2014)
6. Buy an address book and catalog all important addresses and birthdays of family and friends
7. Organize and keep up with my iCal (January 2015)
8. Go to an event alone (City Society: Lady Lessons, January 2015)
9. Eat at a restaurant by myself (Jack's Wife Freda, December 2015)
10. Treat my parents to a great meal
11. Find the perfect Christmas present for everyone on my list
12. Send out Christmas cards one year
13. Make an original piece of artwork for my apartment
14. Learn to cook at least 10 new meals well 
15. Send my mom flowers out of the blue
16. Find new doctors in the city
17. Read five of the classics I've never gotten around to
18. Take a rooster spin class before work
19. Embrace my natural hair for two weeks (Summer 2015)
20. Make annual contributions to my high school, college, and charity of my choice
21. Open a retirement account
22. Start substantially saving (and not just for a big purchase) (January 2016)
23. Call my grandmother once a week
24. Run another 5K
25. Attend mass regularly for at least two months
26. Go through my "Things to do in New York" books and highlight what I've already done (Oct. 2014)
27. Go to a museum by myself
28. Read one article from each section of the New York Times each day for a month
29. Try 10 new foods (1. Gyro,)
30. Clean out my email
31. Pay off my credit cards
32. Learn about the stock market
33. Invest in five new pieces of furniture for my apartment (dresser, armchair, bar stools, another bookshelf, coffee table)
34. Give the homeless man I pass everyday a sizable donation
35. Keep a journal for a year of all my best New York adventures (Started January 2015)
36. Take a barre class (April 2016)
37. Sing karaoke, alone, in front of strangers (Birthday 2015)

38. Visit the Statue of Liberty
39. Play shuffleboard in Brooklyn (Oct. 2014)
40. Visit the Empire State Building at night
41. Attend a show at New York fashion week
42. Attend a Knicks game (Nov. 2014)
43. Attend a Nets game (March 2016)
44. Attend an event at Madison Square Gardens
45. Attend another Yankee game (April 2016)
46. Attend a Rangers game
47. Go to 10 comedy shows in the city
48. Take my mom to a broadway musical (December 2014)
49. Go ice skating in December
50. Check three things in my New York books off each month
51. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge with my dad (Father's Day 2015)
52. Visit all of the major museums
53. Take a staycation in the city
54. Go to a pool in the city
55. Visit the Botanical Gardens
56. See an outdoor movie
57. Attend the ballet
58. Visit the Highline
59. Visit the 9/11 Memorial (Nov. 2014)
60. Go to The Carnegie Deli and Katz with my dad (Father's Day 2015)
61. Finally go to Gramercy Tavern (birthday dinner perhaps?)
62. Sail a boat in Central Park

63. Gain a substantial following on twitter (in the thousands)
64. Catalog all of my writing samples for future interviews
65. Take a broadcasting class
66. Take an improve class
67. Make three additional connections
68. Land the step one dream job

69. Give an apartment tour
70. Visit a blog conference
71. Redesign my blog (Aug. 2014)
72. Meet three blogger friends in person
73. Plan and photograph at least 10 outfit of the day posts

74. Purchase something at a flea market
75. Do a share in the Hamptons with friends
76. Purchase my next designer handbag (Goyard: 2015, Prada: 2015)
77. Go to trapeze school on the Hudson
78. Host my out of town friends for a girls weekend in the city
79. Take another girls trip
80. Take a trip somewhere new (Fire Island: Labor Day 2015)
81. Have a full spa day
82. Invest in 10 more coffee table books (1, 2, 3)
83. Purchase another investment coat (Burberry Raincoat: Dec. 2014, Canada Goose: Jan. 2015)
84. Purchase the perfect shade of red lipstick and wear it out
85. Have my makeup professionally done and branch out and purchase new products (April:2016)
86. Purchase a good camera
87. Attend a polo match
88. See (or rewatch) all of Audrey Hepburn's movies (1, 2 , 3)
89. Get a wavy hair blow out at Drybar
90. Get a live Christmas tree in my apartment and invest in my own ornaments (Decenmber: 2015)
91. Join a book club
92. Splurge on a great pair of heels
93. Invest in all of my favorite board games
94. Host a game night
95. Spend the day in D.C. with my parents
96. Invest in three more pairs of jeans (1)
97. Wear a ponytail out on the town
98. Purchase a piece of Jennifer Meyer Jewelry
99. Do a vineyard tour with friends
100. See all the Best Picture nominees, one year
101. Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished

So there you have my list and I'll be sure to check back in periodically and let you know how it's going! 

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