Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Where Do The Shoes Go"

"This is a closet? But where do the shoes go?"
"You get one of those racks that hang on the door"
"I'll hang my myself on the door if I have to live here"
(It is just me or is there a Sex and the City quote that is applicable to every life situation, but I digress)

Another charming side effect of Manhattan real estate (aside from the few I mentioned last week) is lack of closet space. I can't entirely blame New York apartments since I'm pretty sure I will never me entirely satisfied with my closet space, but I'm perpetually suffering from a lack of storage. By now I think you know that I'm insanely OCD and everything I own deserves a specific home but one article of clothing that gets neglected most often are my shoes. I have some built-in shelves in my closet that house some of my more precious footwear but the majority of my shoes are thrown into bins from Ikea. Aside from the fact that this is horrible for my shoes, and gives me a ginormous headache in the morning, it's not very aesthetically pleasing either. Since I love shoes so much, and have acquired so many pairs that I love to admire, having them lumped in a bin isn't ideal.

So as my marathon redecorating mission continues I've looked to find alternatives for fun shoe storage and here are a few ideas I stumbled upon.

I'm a big fan of showcasing them on a bookshelf (or at least the really pretty ones, and keeping my bins for my Haviannas and Jack Rogers).

I'm dying to know if you have any shoe storage ideas?


  1. This is so going to be me next year...considering I purchased not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new pairs of shoes for "back to school."

  2. ugh don't even get me started on city shoe storage! It is such a nightmare. Especially since my boyfriend has as many (if not more) nice shoes as me! I'm still waiting for the moment where I come up with an effective storage idea.


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