Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Look for Less: Fall Jackets (Part 2)

A few years back a friend of mine suggested I write I post on fall jackets at varying price points (shout out to Claire!). To date, it is still my most popular post so I figured it was time for a little update.

I'm personally kind of a jacket hoarder. During the more chilly months, a jacket is pretty much the biggest statement you make to the world, so it's important to have a great deal of variety. Fall is the perfect time for this, when fashion and function can live symbiotically, before the frigid temperatures set in and all you care about is not getting frostbite. But having a closet full of jackets doesn't necessarily mean you have to be bankrupt. I'm a big believer in certain investment pieces (since you do tend to get a better quality product) but there are always more cost effective options out there to achieve every look.

Save Splurge- Barbour

During the fall, there is no jacket I wear more often then my Barbour. It goes with everything, is heavy enough to keep you warm on a chilly October day but still light weight enough to wear of a humid rainy afternoon. The look is casual but polished, so if you're going to invest in one coat this year, I would advise you go with this one. But if that's not an option for you, the J.Crew field jacket is a fantastic alternative. It has similar gold hard wear to the Barbour, comes in the same color pallets, and offers a similar waxed look. The field jacket is slightly lighter, but still offers good instillation. I love it so much I've contemplated purchasing it in navy for the past few years.

Quilted Coat

Save/Splurge-Quilted Coat
I love my Burberry quilted jacket, but definitely wear it less often than my Barbour. It's perfect for the early fall, because it's super warm, but still offers some protection from the elements. A quilted jacket is a classic and versatile piece that you will love having in your closet, but I don't think this is one you have to necessarily splurge on, this J.Crew option is a great choice. It still offers two front pockets, but swaps the button closures for snaps. Other than a slightly different collar, this jacket is a very close replica to Burberry's.

Dress Coat
Save /Splurge-Dress Coat
Olivia Pope has put dress coats on the map for the everyday woman. A dress coat really is a piece to invest in, since it doesn't get a great deal of wear it will last you years, but since the majority of the formal jackets out now are more trendy, it's better to save on these and spend more down the road.

Moto Jacket
Save/Splurge-Leather Accents
Last fall, leather accents were huge, and it appears they're going to carry over into this year, as well. I love leather, I think it adds an unexpected edginess to clothes so I'm totally on board with this trend. But it is, nonetheless, a trend so it's best not to spend obscene amounts on it. I already purchased this blazer and can't wait to wear it!

Save/Splurge-Puffer Coat
Eventually, that nasty polar vortex will inevitably return (I just know it will) and function will overpower fashion and we will be forced to burrow into our parkas, once again. If you're in a place where your commute is predominately outside, and the climate is colder, a puffer coat is essential. I think I'm going to splurge on a Canada Goose coat this year, but was thrilled with my J.Crew purchase last year. With a winter coat, it's important to accomplish the main goal, keeping you warm, so you may have to fork over some more cash for that. It's no use saving money but purchasing a coat that services no purpose. I did exhaustive research last year and found the J.Crew parka to be just as warm,if not warmer, than The North Face or Patagonia and about $100 less expensive. But, if you live in a slightly milder climate, this parka could be perfect for you.

What are the jackets you can't possibly live without? What pieces do you splurge on, and where do you save? 

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  1. I spent so much time debating about my Barbour. I thought about getting the LL Bean field jacket, or the J Crew coat...but ultimately, I decided to go with the Beadnell, and I've never once regretted it. My quilted coat, on the other hand, is from Lands End, and my winter coat? Picked up at TJ Maxx when I was in high school. So I definitely can't see splurging on everything, but the Barbour was a wise splurge.


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