Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Striped Denim

Every year, it seems like it's a contest to figure out new and creative ways to update denim. One year it was colorful jeans, then patterned, and finally striped. To be honest, I'm not entirely sold on this trend yet. Even though I'm attempting to be slightly more edgy, and get out of my style comfort zone, this might be pushing the envelope a little too far for me personally. I just feel like it's a very thin line between looking like Robin Thicke or Beetlejuice. But in theory I am a fan of the concept, and I have seen outfits that incorporated them that I actually saw myself wearing (so all hope is not lost).

One of the great benefits of this trend, as opposed to patterned denim, people other than Gisele can pull off this look. With patterns, the optical illusion can make legs appear much larger than they actually are. However, with verticle stripes, it aids in making the legs look longer and thinner.

Here are some cost effective options

J.Crew also has a pair but I couldn't locate them online, so keep your eyes peeled. 

What are your thoughts on these bad boys?

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