Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week's What I'm Loving is dedicated to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl

Gone Girl: I read Gillian Flynn's novel about two years ago and have yet to find a book I have enjoyed that much. I've been eagerly awaiting David Fincher's adaptation (especially after finding out Ben Affleck was cast, because wow) and finally got to see it Friday night. Rarely do films capture the same magic of a book but I have to tell you, if you liked the book, you will love the movie.

One of the favorite passages of the novel is Amy's "cool girl" speech. It has been dissected and discussed countless times and I was dying to see how it would translated to the silver screen. Without giving too much away, yet again Fincher hit a home run and paid perfect tribute to Flynn's words. (For those who have seen the movie, this perspective is amazing- just be forewarned there are spoilers).

Rosamund Pike was absolutely the perfect choice to play Amy Dunne. To feed into Amy's "cool girl" esthetic, the costume choices were amazingly on point. 

And finally, the beauty, and talent, that is Ben Affleck. 

I'm dying to know, have you read the book? Did/ will you see the movie? 

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