Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Extra! Extra!

Carrie Bradshaw used to hide hers in the bathtub and mine collect dust on a shelf. Somehow, no matter how organized and fastidious I am, I always have a stack of magazines squatting somewhere in my home. Living in an apartment, especially the shoebox sized cubicals we inhabit in Manhattan, you know that's just not acceptable.

For some reason I always find it difficult to discard magazines. Whether my favorite actress is on the cover, or there was a recipe for slow cook chili that I just have to try (I don't even own a crockpot), they're just too valuable for me to throw away. 

However, a few weeks back I saw an Instagram photo that Roxy, of Society Social, posted that showcased her magazine stack as artwork! What a fabulous idea! I never would have thought to encorporate one of my decorating secrets of shame as a deliberate piece of the room.

I saw this photo on Pinterest and realized there were several ways to showcase your collection, in a organized and artistic way.

What do you do with your old magazines?


  1. I am such a magazine hoarder. In fact, I brought home an entire boat tote of the magazines I hadn't read over the last semester. My mom then proceeded to toss them all in the trash, and for that I'm kind of thankful. I certainly don't have time to read every issue of Town & Country while I'm at school, and I definitely don't need to transport them between dorm, home, and my future apartment.

  2. I used to hoard my old magazines too! I had stacks and stacks of old Teen Vogues, In Styles, Vanity Fairs, etc. just collecting dust in my closet. Finally I decided enough was enough. I found a few issues that I really truly loved and kept those (made sure I narrowed it down to 10 or less) and then I tossed the rest. Now I have a pact with myself to not keep a magazine longer than 3 months after I received it unless it is a really special issue. Definitely helps to cut down on the clutter!

    - Kelsey


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