Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trendy Tuesday: Crop Tops

If "new year, new me" is how the motto goes then I brought 2015 in with a bang. I usually feel more comfortable when I go with the tried and true styles for my body. I've scrutinized enough Instagram photos to know what is flattering, and what definitely is not. But there is one trend I have kept my eye on since last spring, the crop top. I've admired so many looks that have incorporated them but since I am far from a Victoria's Secret model I never thought I would be able to pull it off. 

Well, during the semiannual Shopbop Friend's and Family Sale, I decided to take the plunge on a Three Dot Sweater and was determined to wear it. I also purchased a Skot Party Skirt and realized they would pair perfectly with one another. 

Here is my interpretation: 

(I did hem the skirt so that it was more in proportion with the top, for those who are looking for a true representation of where the "lady length" hits.) 

Here are a few guidelines for going for the crop:

1. One Inch: Only show an inch or two of skin (even if you're Audriana Lima). 
2. Proportion is Key: Only show one area of your body at a time, so by baring your midriff calls for a longer skirt. 
3. Rib Cage: if it hits too low you will lose the figure flattering point. Your ribs are the smallest part of your body so you want to accentuate them.
4. Form Fitting: You want to make sure that the top isn't too loose or boxy, which will give the illusion of a maternity top.
5. Match Set: For curvier girls, stick with one pattern or color which will trick the eye into seeing essentially one garment and avoids chopping the body up too much.

Have you rocked the crop top yet? 


  1. Crop tops look like they are here to stay. I was so afraid to try the trend because I've got some extra meat on my bones, but now it's my favorite thing to wear! I love wearing it with high waisted skirts or jeans. It's classy with just a poke of sexy, I love it!
    Great Post!

  2. You are rocking it in this picture...not sure if I'm daring enough to try this trend, though!


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