Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trendy Tuesday: The Crowning Moment

I've never considered myself much of a hat person, baseball caps excluded, but lately they're everywhere and it inspires me to try something new. I feel like living in New York I'm always straddling the line of remaining true to my person style, while still trying to take risks and attempt to branch out. Hats can be a fun accessory to add a little something extra to an outfit to give the illusion that you're even more polished than normal. However, going too over the top with headwear can result in looking less like Kate Middleton and more like Princess Eugene. 

Here are a few pointers;

1. Hats should be simple. They should compliment an outfit not overpower it.
2. Stay true to the occasion. A fascinator isn't appropriate for brunch (or in North America).
3. Stick with the classics. There is a reason that certain styles are still relevant.

 Here are some hat options:

J.Crew, $58
J.Crew, $65

What are your thoughts on hats?

1 comment:

  1. I'm totally with you on how NYC impacts your style. It has made me branch out but I still try to stick to my personal style. I'm loving a casual hat, especially at the beach! I also totally agree about fascinators.


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