Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day Dreaming

While sitting on the 1 train yesterday, situated next to a man who was repeatedly dipping his fluorescently orange fingers into a snack sized bag of Cheetos, I had no choice but to transport myself to sunny Turks and Caicos.

If I had my wish this is what I would be wearing from now until Memorial Day, only allowing myself to stress about tan lines and half empty mojitos.

Day Dreaming
J.Crew Panama Hat / Fendi Sunglasses / Zinke Suit / MZ Wallace Bag / Chanel Espadrilles
So until the weather decides to cooperate I'll be on a mental vacation. Forward my emails please...


  1. Can I join you on this mental vacation to Turks and Caicos... I'm over this cold weather!

  2. I have those same thoughts on the Subway haha! Love your picks.

  3. Egads ! Cheetos on a train? Hideous.
    But, Turks & Caicos would take the hideousness away quickly.


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