Friday, February 20, 2015

Sienna Miller Wins Fashion Week

Ignore all that talk about North West's escapades and take a minute to acknowledge the most flawless creature to walk the earth, or at the very least the tents at Lincoln Center.

My girl crush on Sienna Miller was catapulted to new extremes the moment I saw this insanely flawless look she rocked at the Calvin Klein show yesterday. I mean, it takes a mythical human to pull focus from Anna Wintour. I could do without the chunky ode to the Spice Girls in her choice of footwear, but alas I do appreciate the reminder that she is merely mortal.

So as Lincoln Center begins to be transformed from the temporary home of emaciated gazelle-like beauties back to the permanent home of other emaciated gazell-like beauties, and the rest of the world goes back to trying to ignore Kanye West as anything other then the second half of Kimye, I will sleep soundly with visions of Fall 2015 dancing in my head. But first...summer!

1 comment:

  1. Love her color too! It looks really warm and flattering on her.


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