Wednesday, February 11, 2015

V-Day Wishlist

I have a soft spot in my heart for Valentine's Day (see what I did there). Most people probably wouldn't expect that given that I'm chronically single, but I am a fan of any holiday that allows me to eat excessive amounts of candy, in which wine is a fundamental component, gives me an excuse to wear my favorite color, and diverts my attention to the fact that summer is still three and a half months away. Unlike 95% of the spinster female population, I don't see Valentines Day as the manifistation of Lucifer, and choose to think of it as a lovely day when it's more socially acceptable to drop onscene amounts of money on flowers. So whether you're solo or looking for some trinkets to ask your guy for, here are a few of my favorite red and pink picks.

Valentines Day
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What's on your Valentines Wishlist?

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