Monday, March 9, 2015

Come and Knock on Our Door

Cabin fever officially set in this year. I was too much of a wimp to brave -20 degree temperatures for anything other than necessities (and by necessities, of course, I mean wine and The Smith's passion fruit cheesecake). So I've gotten very familiar with the square footage of my apartment. Perhaps it's because I've been cooped up for one too many Real Housewives marathons, but I've become incredibly restless with my living space. I always tend to hit the same wall after a partularly harsh season, when I'm practically salavating at the thought of alternate temperatures and fresh outfits options, and the thought of seeing my coffee table for even one more day may push me over the edge. So when I reach this point there's really only one viable solution, one must shop.

First, I replaced the previously discussed, unimaginative coffee table with a sleeker more modern option.

Second, I swapped our dark, heavy, bar stools for a iridescent alternative.

And finally I will be saying goodbye to my beloved Serena & Lily bedding and have narrowed it down to two options (help a sister out please).

Add a few finishing touches, such as some new storage solutions, cozy embellishments, and bright coffee table tray and it may actually become a space I want to spend the next three months locked inside (Mother Nature, I said MIGHT).

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  1. Obsessed with everything about this! Amanda quilt!!!
    -meg case ;)


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