Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hair Envy

Do you have a hair idol? For as long as I can remember Jennifer Aniston has been mine. I know that's about as unique as saying I cried during The Notebook or finding George Clooney attractive. But after emulating her color or cut one too many times I had an epiphany, my hair (unfortunately) will never look like hers. I know, the polar ice caps continue to melt, famine rages on, and some people were facing real problems...Jen and I will never be hair twinsies. 

If this wasn't a cruel enough reality, I was faced with a case of deja vu when I saw Sienna Miller's perfect beach bob. I'm not going to bore you with another soliloquy about my girl crush, but I have been hungering for the latest hair trend, of which I am going to declare her one of the pioneers. 

It's hardly an unprecedented concept to cut your hair, especially when 100 degree temperatures are a mere three months away, but lately every young starlet is jumping on the bandwagon. I've cut my hair short more times than I can count, there's one particular Sweet Home Alabama nightmare that continues to haunt my dreams, and it's never turned out the way I hoped. When finally it dawned on me (I'm a slow learner), bobs are best on people with straighter, fine hair, that have the opposite of a round face. 

So while I continue to be constantly bombarded with perfect bobs, I will pray for the day when hair transplants are more than just treatments for bald men. 


  1. "...Jen and I will never be hair twinsies" Oh you are too funny - this is GREAT!!!

  2. Hahhaaha...the hair envy struggle is real!


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