Monday, March 2, 2015

So Long, Farewell

It may seem a little ambitious, considering the fact that it snowed several inches yesterday, but I am choosing to believe that was a mere mirage and that Wednesdays forecast of almost 50 degrees is a positive indication that spring will eventually arrive. I'm daydreaming about packing up my Canada Goose and J.Crew sweaters and swapping them out for Equipment blouses and Loeffler Randall sandals but first it's time to invest in some winter weather necessities. No you didn't read that wrong, and no I'm not indulging in libations as I write this, the beginning of spring is the perfect time to snab some goodies for next year. most retailers offer substantial sales this time of year to unload their last remaining pieces. The great thing about cold weather accessories is that they are much less trendy than their warm weather counterparts, so you will never have to be concerned if what you buy now will translate well come fall.

Here are a few pieces I'm looking to pick up before I officially put winter out of my head for good.
Winter Accessories

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Just imagine how ahead of the game you'll feel when you open you cedar chest in October to find all of these new items smiling back at you. Now all that is left is to get my boots resoled, wrap my cashmere in tissue paper, and for mother nature to get her act together.

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  1. totally agree - this is definitely the time of year to stock up on Winter accessories


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