Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shopbop Sale

I'm Jon Hamm's dream girl. Technically, I'm more of Don Draper's target audience since I am  the biggest sucker for a good marketing campaign, namely sales. So of course, whenever Shopbop is offering a promotion I feel how I image the tides feel about the moon, utterly powerless to it's control. Naturally my eyes are much bigger than my pocketbook so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite items and perhaps you can make me feel slightly less guilty by also partaking in a "treat yo self" day. Shopbop Sale

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And if that wasn't enough...

My anticipation of summer only rivals that of the arrival of Royal Baby #2 so of course I'm scouting countless bathing suits. My summer will not be complete until I own a Marysia Honolulu Bikini Top.

This yummy Christope Sauvat Mexican Embroidered dress was the first item I pulled the trigger on.

I picture myself having glamorous picnics in the park wearing this perfect LWD.

With wedding season just about upon us this Rory Beca Flamingo dress is the perfect option for any guest.

A colorful clutch that is well under $100 makes the perfect gift.

So run, don't walk, to the final hours of the Shopbop sale. Everything is 25% off until midnight tonight. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Unfortunately shopping the sale wasn't in this month's budget, but I am LOVING that orange and pink Rory Beca dress you posted!


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