Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Here's what's going down on a Thursday

Daily Diatribe

Today's Topics:

Work It Out: I find the summer to be the most difficult season for which to dress. When deciding what to wear to work, you want outfits that are professional yet need the practicality of being able to make it to your office sans heat stroke. Here's some inspiration for you.

Bottoms Up: Margaritas are one of my favorite summer indulgences and this guide to the best ones on NYC pretty much sums up what I'll be doing from now until labor day.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: They say bad things come in threes, and after Bennifer 2.0, and Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, announcing their split I'm starting to worry who might be next. I say we sacrifice Brangelina. 

Let's Get Physical: If it were socially acceptable, I'd drape myself from head-to-toe in Lululemon. At least these stars wouldn't object.

Good 'A Mate: Vogue's series 73 Questions is my favorite thing on the Internet and Nicole Kidman's installment did not disappoint. How can I not adore a woman who is (almost)
as in love with Jimmy Fallon as I am?

He Says, She Says: Ever wonder what guys really think of avant garde trends? This will answer a lot of your questions.

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