Friday, July 24, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Today's link lowdown is a mix of old and new news that we haven't really been able to chat about while I was on hiatus. Peruse at your leisure.

Daily Diatribe 1

Today's Topics: 

25 Items to Toss Before You Turn 30: In all honesty, I don't think you need to wait until you turn thirty to get rid of most of these items (if you're still rocking tube tops and denim skirts, you have bigger fish to fry) 

5 Tips for a Perfectly Polished Outfit: You know when you see those girls who can pull off the perfect symbiosis of effortless and stylish? Yeah I'm not one of them. So these tips will certainly come in handy. 

Next Up, Melissa: I know this is kind of old news, but since we haven't had the opportunity to chat in awhile, I figured we needed to discuss. Fashion Police has pretty much been by dream job since I was seven, so if it can't be me, I can think of no better of a successor to Joan's legacy than her witty daughter. 

Live Like a Super Model: I've been drooling over Gigi's apartment since Yolanda moved her in, and now I can own it! It's so youthful and chic, and for a mere $2.45 million it can be mine (which, unfortunately, isn't a bad price for a two bedroom in Soho). Check out Yolanda's other homes while you're at it, 

Emoji This: I'm pretty sure I could communicate solely using emojis, so I loved getting to see which ones some of my favorite stars use most often. 

Celebrity Soulmate: I take pretty much any quiz I come across online and while my only wedded prospect at the moment is my Netflix account, I couldn't resist finding out who's wedding style I was most similar to. Not sure how I feel about getting Kim Kardashian...
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  1. I am cracking up because I literally thought the same thing when I saw her apartment - O, great deal!


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