Monday, July 27, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Monday managed to creep up again somehow. So I figure no better way to ease back into the work week than by procrastinating all the things you have to accomplish while you finish your iced latte and get caught up on relevant celebrity gossip. 

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics: 

Candidly Nicole Returns: Few people make me laugh as hard as Nicole Richie. Watch her VH1 "reality" show this Wednesday, it won't disappoint. I promise. 

The House That Harper Built: Take a peek inside the incredibly vibrant, stylish, and sophisticated office of Caroline Harper Knapp. I'd move in tomorrow. 

Hair Do: Let's not lie, we generally dress to make other girls jealous of our expansive wardrobe and good taste, but occasionally you want to impress the fellas. Check out what hair styles they find attractive. 

Flower Power: Every girl likes flowers, Gary. (Excuse me incredibly topical The Breakup reference from 2006) So since we all obviously do like flowers, what does your favorite say about you? 

Good Blood: I think I've seen Gigi Hadid's abs more than my own (mostly because I don't have them) which is why I need to Live It. Learn It. when it comes to her workout regime. 

Totally Tory: Tory's back in this months Vogue discussing her children, her new romance (so long Lance), and her latest sportswear line. Her family and Hamptons home will make you question everything about your life and why you aren't her best friend (or at least dating one of her underaged sons). 

Okay, now go back to work before you get fired. 

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  1. Love hearing guys' opinions on hair styles. My fiance calls big buns "toilet bowl hair." Sigh.


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