Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Every Pot Has A Lid

Inslee said it best when she called this summer the year of the trend. Trends are trending big time right now. Between White Girl Rose, pool floats, and constantly striving to be "on fleek", we've become white girl cliches. (Editor's note: White Girl Rose is actually delicious, I do not, nor will I ever own a pretzel shaped pool float, and the word "fleek" reminds me of dandruff). 

Panama Hat

It's exhausting trying to keep up with these flash tatted tweeners (FYI those came out last summer...). And yet I find myself constantly straddling the line between finding it imperative that I know how to "Whip and Nae Nae" and resisting the urge to dry heave every time I see someone wearing a crop top. Should I try to be cool, or is it cooler to be too cool for school? 

We can't discuss what's hot this summer without touching on Panama hats. They're trendy and exhaustingly assaulting your eyes two dozen times a day, yet are simultaneously classic and stylish. (Full disclosure, I own one. I've worn it twice.) I don't care if I look like one of the masses, I love them, so you should love them too.

There's rarely a summer outfit I don't find complimented by the addition of a Panama hat. They can be dressed up or worn with a more casual ensemble. They even have the magical powers to turn the basic stupid tee and shorts combo into something chic! So say "what's up hello" to your new lid. 

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  1. I feel ya. This is one incredibly trendy Summer. I considered buying the fun pool floats for my bachelorette party but then stopped myself.


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