Monday, August 31, 2015

Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Every girl who has ever watched Sex and the City (as religiously as I did) would be lying if she said she didn't indulge in the fantasy of moving to Manhattan and living a life filled with men, Manolos and massive apartments. When I moved to New York exactly two years ago today, I too had visions of rooftop BBQ's, walk-in-closets, and my very own gay best friend. But what I have come to realized in the 24 months that I have inhabited this exquisite island is that my idol lied to me. As the only meaningful anniversary in my life began to approach I decided against penning another love letter to my favorite place on earth and instead highlight some of the misconceptions our dear Carrie Bradshaw perpetuated. (Check out Harpers Bazarr's article on the same topic).

You won't bump into your Mr. Big on the street.

"Just tell me I'm the one"
Dating in this city is one of the worlds greatest mysteries, like whether the Mona Lisa is smiling or what happened to Amelia Earhart. The boys that live here are intelligent, ambitions, successful and insanely handsome. They are also incredibly spoiled. They are used to getting what they want, when they want it. If you've ever wondered what happens to those frat boys you loved so much in college, after they graduate, they move to New York. 

Your rent won't be $750 a month. 

"Delia, I ask you, how can this apartment be $2800 a month? I pay $750 for something twice the size, and it don't smell like takeout"
A little piece of my soul dies every time I hear what my friends pay in rent in other cities. Newsflash, New York is expensive. The biggest expense you will have will be rent. You'll become fluent in a new  language with words like "partial walls" and "half fridges", yet you'll still pay triple the cost. But don't worry, you won't spend too much time in your apartment.

Those Manolos...

"I spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lives in her shoes"
And since you'll be signing over your first born to pay your rent, you won't be able to afford all those shoes. Concessions will be made and I can personally attest to the fact that your wardrobe will be better than ever, it just might not contain every big designer. 

Having said all of that, I can also assure you that at the heart of that show was truth. There will be
best friends and late night diner runs. There will be comically bad blind dates. There will be an exorbitant amount of cocktails. There will be a profound love for a city. And every day will be the greatest adventure of your life. It may not look exactly like Carrie's life but at the end of the day "the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well that's just fabulous" 

Thank you for the best two years of my life, NYC. Here's to many more...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Happy Friday! 

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics: 

1. Work It: Husband hunting this weekend? Try these tricks 

2. Flashback Friday: What scent did you rock in the 90's? I was totally a Ralph girl

3. Chic Capri: This is still one of the most breathtaking weddings I've ever seen. Come on, Christie Brinkley and Olivia Palermo were guests! 

4. The Cat in the Hat: You're head is about to feel very naked come Labor Day, once those Panama hats get shelved. Have no fear, check this out. 

5. Picture Perfect: What does your profile picture say about you? These are ridiculously on point! 

6. Live like Leighton: Tour Blair Waldorf's (okay, Leighton Meester, but same thing) bachelorette pad. She doesn't need it anymore

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Club: The Knockoff

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" in this case old is 41, the dog is an editor-in-chief of one of the most popular fashion magazines, and the tricks are tweets. Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza teamed up to write one of this summers most talked about novels, The Knockoff about a middle aged fashion editor returning to work after a six month medical sabbatical to find the empire she dedicated so much time to build, has drastically changed. For millennials, it's humorous to see the complexities of older adults attempting to adapt to the social media we take for granted. For the older audience, you will undoubtedly be able to empathize.

The book is a quick and easy read. It's slightly predictable but still manages to be entertaining. It's a very harsh look into the new collaboration between the fashion industry and tech worlds and how convenience is threatening to ruin all that we fashion junkies hold so dear.

I have a few minor criticisms of the book, which contain slight spoilers. First I would argue that, at parts, you found the main character to be frustrating and a slight pushover. The amount of things she allowed her former assistant, turned colleague, Eve to get away with was rather far fetched and I found it unlikely that such a successful career woman would allow someone to take such careless liberties with a magazine she held so dearly. I know I personally would have stopped biting my tongue about 50 pages in. Secondly, if it weren't for the topical and constant references to current apps and websites, the book felt as tough it was written for a different time (when people in fashion still wore Juicy Couture velour and Herve Leger bandage dresses). Nonetheless, it was a cute storyline and the ending was satisfying. It might not be a 'can't miss' but it's not entirely a 'must skip' either.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

The only thing that makes Wednesdays more bearable is shopping. Here's how I'm getting through the week

What I'm Loving Wednesday 6

Oui to Clare V: I know I have to have this tank because I'm already daydreaming about hypothetical outfits. Paired with this other Wishlist topper? Um yes please! 

Crazy Cat Lady: I detest everything cat related...except these Charlotte Olympia flats. I'd tackle a litter box for these beauties. 

Dying over this DIY: I'm about as far from a botanist as one can get. I do best with bodega flowers with a five day shelf life, but I think I might be able to candle a cactus. I'd definitely give it ample love in this adorable pink and white teracata pot. 

The Days of Our Lives: I'm always looking for unique coffeetable accents- i.e. anything not featured on every Pinterest post- and think this colorful hourglass might do just the trick. 

You Had Me at Truffle: Who doesn't love anything, and everything, having to do with truffles. Well this company appropriately named Truffle offers the most adorable, and affordable, clutches and cosmetic cases. I broke one of mine out at the beach and plan on making this baby my next purchase. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Get the Look: Sweet Transitions

It’s hard to believe but we are entering into the ever difficult ‘transition’ portion of the season. –Wasn’t it like just Memorial day?!- Which means I’m day dreaming about outfits that will still be practical in the rising temperatures, but be appropriate when cross referenced with the date on the calendar.

 One outfit that keeps popping up on my Pinterest dash is this fabulously simple stripe ensemble from Julie Sarinana. This outfit is the perfect Indian Summer look, allowing you to incorporate your summer staples while still looking harvest moon appropriate.

Get the Look:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Daily Diatribe

After a week at the beach, I'm dragging a bit so this delinquent daily diatribe is particularly on point. Here's to two iced coffees today...

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics:

Man Repeller and Carolina Herrera: I love when cutting edge meets timeless. When it comes to relevant, up-to-the-second fashion, there is no one more fabulous than Leandra. Her street style and incredible confidence makes me tempted to pair a ball gown with a bikini top. But her designer interview series, The Chatroom may be her best contribution yet. Her latest installment is with the ever chic Carolina Herrera (but I think my all time favorite is Jenna Lyons).

National S'More Day: Everyday is national s'more day -actually it was August 10th but who's counting- if, like me, you're still celebrating this trippy recipe is for you. 

Full of Grace: Grace Kelly may be my all time favorite actress. Her timeless beauty and style -not to mention she was an actual princess- makes her stand out against all the other icons of her time. Here are some lesser known photos of Philadelphia's finest (some even, super-fan Tory hadn't even seen).

So Cute  I Could Eat It: There are so many Instagram accounts we have to follow, it's exhausting trying to keep up. But take it from me, this one won't disappoint. 

Looks J.Crew Loves: I don't care what anyone says- cough, investors, cough- J.Crew will always be my favorite spot for stylish, daily, basics. I'm happy to see the brand is attempting to veer back to their older, more classic, persona and if these looks are any indication of what's to come, I like what I'm seeing. Hello leather skirt!

Too Much of a Good Thing: What's better than getting more of a good thing? One of my favorite shoe designers, Loeffler Randal, is releasing an outerwear line this fall! I can barely contain my excitement. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

My final vacation of the summer is a mere three days away so this Wednesday I'm loving the sweet reprieve daydream packing has provided me. I compare the excitement and anticipation of a blissful, carefree, vacation to that of Christmas morning. So while the opening montage of Grease plays in my head take a peek at a few of the items I'll be throwing in my suitcase: 

Packing List: Beach

1. Saint James / 2. Chan Luu / 3. Manebi / 4. Lemlem / 5. Gorjana / 6. Sensi Studio /
 7. Loeffler Randall / 8. Illesteva / 9. Kiini  

I want nothing more than a week filled with nautical stripes, tassel scarves, teeny bikinis and straw beach bags. This years trip will be all about the classics- white jeans, chic sundresses, and cozy sweaters- mixed with unexpected pops- colorful clutches, vibrant espadrilles, and whimsical sunglasses. I'm imagining cool evenings nursing my sun soaked skin with my favorite Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, curled up in my favorite pajamas, indulging in a captivating book (check out a few of my suggestions herehere and here). 

Here are a few more items that may find themselves making the cut:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

O' Natural

There are certain things you will never catch me doing; riding a scooter, wearing culottes, eating green peppers, using the term fleek unironically. Wearing my hair naturally, in public, used to be one of them. For as long as I can remember I have worshiped at the alter of hair straighteners and blow dryers. I have catalogued more time in front of my cosmetic mirror painstakingly smoothing every tress, than I care to admit. But one of my items on my 101 in 1001 (yes that still exists, and no I haven't payed enough attention to it) was to embrace my natural hair for two weeks straight.

Embrace the hair-and roots-  
(Insert Demi Lovato singing This Is Me)

As of late, I have opted to exercise in the morning (pause for reaction) which means showering and proper hair care, as I deem appropriate, simply isn't an option. So instead of jeopardizing my job and arriving an hour late each day, I have opted to "make it work" with the hair God gave me. For anyone who has travelled on a vacation with me, you know just how much of a personal triumph this is for me.

 if you're still not sure, drink lots of rose.

While I do tend to cheat the system slightly, still smoothing out the pieces that frame my face with my most beloved possession, my round brush, I have turned to some beloved hair care products to pull the rest of the slack. Shop my favorites below

And when all else fails, pull it back in a fishtail braid and call it a day.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Back in the midst of another work week so it's only fair we set the bar super low this week and goof off for a little while while catching up on some "vital" information. I'll just leave this here for you...

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics: 

What's His Number: If, like me, you suffer from Don Draper (more like Jon Hamm) withdraw every Monday, you need a little fix to help out. Check out all those women Mr. Charisma managed to charm over the years. (#teambetty)

Emoji This: I could communicate using purely emoticons. This is a skill I am very proud of. So naturally, I'm a fan of any artifact that incorporates my favorite little cartoons. The fact that they are paired with my favorite shoe style is just proof I need to have them. The only real dilemma will be choosing which combo to buy. 

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes: I'm not exaggerating when I say that 80% of my summer wardrobe consists of stripes- mainly navy and white- so I'm always desperate for some new styling ideas. 

Dirty Girl Scout: Thin Mints are my favorite cookie by far, but they only grace us with their presence but once a year. So what is a girl to do, make her own of course! This recipe is so simple, I think even I could handle it. 

Jen found her Lobster: It might not have been her week, her month or even her year, but she definitely got her day! I'm pretty sure I have liked every single link on facebook pertaining to the Jen Aniston/Justin Therox wedding. My favorite celeb finally got her happy ending

Tooth and Nail: I have yet to jump on the gel manicure bandwagon, because I prefer to change up my color weekly, but have noticed my favorite indulgence chipping way too frequently. Here are a few tips to make that mani last longer. 

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Daily Diatribe

It's almost the freakin weekend ya'll! (I'm using ya'll ironically there, in case that wasn't clear) But that means we better catch up on the latest gossip before hitting the bottle of Skinny Girl Rose tonight.

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics,

I Keep Track of These Things: Much like Holly Golightly, I think it's important to be well informed about the lovely lads still on the market.

It Girls: They didn't always have the fashion poise they posses today. Take a look back at some of the earlier days of fashions it-girls.

Wet, Hot, American Summer: Summer camp is making a big comeback, and it's not just because WHAS (totally made that acronym up) is back on Netflix. People, like Nicole Richie, are now going away to adult summer camp. Think rehab, but a lot less sad. Who wants to bunk with me?

Instagram It: Whose lives don't revolve around Instagram? We'll make sure you're following all sixteen of these accounts to get the maximum out of your favorite app.

I Scream, You Scream: Stuck in the city in August is a great way to begin fantasizing about moving to Antarctica, but in the mean time, you can check out these "hot" spots to cool off.

Afternoon Delight: Brunch is a sport to New Yorkers and you better bring your a-game. Dress accordingly. 

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Club: Yes Please

Some people worship Jesus, others Allah, most Beyonce, but for me it's comedians. As far back as I can remember, I've been a comedy dork. I can more vividly remember where I was during particular sketches of Saturday Night Live, than I can my junior year sorority formal (there may be an explanation for that, but nonetheless). Amy Schumer and Mother Theresa are pretty much on par in my book. And I challenge anyone to attempt to stump me on Tonight Show, or Late Night, trivia. 

As with every profession, certain people rise to the top and become the face of that vocation. Technology had Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Republicans get Donald Trump, and then there's  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Tina and Amy are the Siegfried and Roy of comedy. They're a dynamic duo that is always one misstep away from being mauled by a tiger. Tina Fey's autobiography Bossypants continues to be one of my favorite books I've ever read, so you can imagine the hole in my heart that grew three sizes the day I completed her literary contribution. Thank goodness her soul sister decided to regale us with more stories of Weekend Update shenanigans, the challenges of writing a sitcom, and the insanity of being a mother. If you loved Bossypants as much as I did, you need to pick up Poehler's book. It won't disappoint 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Does anyone else feel an unusually large amount of personal satisfaction once you make it through Wednesday? It might just be me. But either way I think Wednesday's are the perfect opportunity to indulge a little. So eat some tacos, mix up some margs, and treat yourself to a Tibi top. Hey it's Wednesday!

What I'm Loving Wednesday 5

All Tied Up: If this Tibi top doesn't give put a smile on your face you must be dead inside. I need it now.

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake: These pineapple cookie jars are the cutest home accessory I've seen in awhile. They're the perfect way to welcome anyone into your home.

It's Not Turquoise, It's Not Lapis: It's actually cerulean. Imagine drinking a refreshing cocktail out of these speckled cerulean tumblers.

Ole Jose: Going along with that theme, this recipe for mango shrimp tacos looks easy enough that even I could make it. Not to meant ion they're one of my favorite foods. Guess we know what I'll be having for dinner

Santorini Sandal: Gold Gladiators are a staple this summer. They're so cute even Brad Pitt pulled them off

Tassels Time: Tassels are everywhere this year. Don't be left out of the trend. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Daily Diatribe

You survived Monday, and already started Tuesday, so it's practically the weekend already.

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics: 

Read All About It: With my final, big, vacation a mere two weeks away I'm exhaustively researching the perfect beach reads. This list has some great suggestions. (Check out my most recent favorite here and here and stay tuned for another synopsis coming Thursday!)

Beachy Keen: Is there ever a moment when Olivia Palermo isn't camera ready? Even on the beach she manages to be a style icon

So Clutch: The shoe of choice for Ms. Bradshaw, and every other girl on the planet, is expanding their brand to include the most dazzling clutches. Hello Christmas list...

Bucket List: I've still got a few good years left to accomplish some of the things on this list (and my own)

God, You're (Not) So Stupid Karen: Ever since Dear John, I have had serious hair envy over Amanda Seyfrieds gorgeous tresses and they look even more amazing as a lob. I seriously need to know how she gets her hair so shiny

Beach Block: Talk about ultimate beach house fantasy realized. 

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Girl Crush

If you've known me for awhile, you may know that I live life with the belief, that at any moment, certain celebrities are living the life I think I was destined to live, they just got their first. A sort of "bitch stole my life" kind of mantra. It all started when Tory Burch stepped onto the scene. At the time, I fancied myself the next big fashion designer, because I was blessed with the artistic skills of the average high school freshman and knew every line from Sweet Home Alabama, it was obviously my destiny. Until the day I saw that single page spread in Vogue. She was pretty, she was poised, she was stylish, she was a ME! Okay, she was obviously a better version of me on her worst day, than I could be on my best. But still, to a fifteen year old, she had already accomplished everything I had dreamt of doing with my life, complete with the spelling of her damn name!

But carry on, we must. So I began to imagine a different life...cocktails with Andy Cohen, a hit, hip show, flawless skin, and once again someone scooped me! That so easily could have been me! (Since I too could have flown on a live television broadcast, sung on Broadway, and attended Yale). But I had a choice, I could let my inner Regina George come out, or I could envy Allison Williams, her and dorky fiancé (who, in fact, isn't dorky at all. The dude founded Collge Humor. Ugh.). So for now I will just admire Bee Wintours bestie and her impecable taste.

Allison Williams

And in my version of the story, God, you can spare me the family scandal. Thanks.  

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