Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Daily Diatribe

You survived Monday, and already started Tuesday, so it's practically the weekend already.

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics: 

Read All About It: With my final, big, vacation a mere two weeks away I'm exhaustively researching the perfect beach reads. This list has some great suggestions. (Check out my most recent favorite here and here and stay tuned for another synopsis coming Thursday!)

Beachy Keen: Is there ever a moment when Olivia Palermo isn't camera ready? Even on the beach she manages to be a style icon

So Clutch: The shoe of choice for Ms. Bradshaw, and every other girl on the planet, is expanding their brand to include the most dazzling clutches. Hello Christmas list...

Bucket List: I've still got a few good years left to accomplish some of the things on this list (and my own)

God, You're (Not) So Stupid Karen: Ever since Dear John, I have had serious hair envy over Amanda Seyfrieds gorgeous tresses and they look even more amazing as a lob. I seriously need to know how she gets her hair so shiny

Beach Block: Talk about ultimate beach house fantasy realized. 

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