Monday, August 24, 2015

Daily Diatribe

After a week at the beach, I'm dragging a bit so this delinquent daily diatribe is particularly on point. Here's to two iced coffees today...

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics:

Man Repeller and Carolina Herrera: I love when cutting edge meets timeless. When it comes to relevant, up-to-the-second fashion, there is no one more fabulous than Leandra. Her street style and incredible confidence makes me tempted to pair a ball gown with a bikini top. But her designer interview series, The Chatroom may be her best contribution yet. Her latest installment is with the ever chic Carolina Herrera (but I think my all time favorite is Jenna Lyons).

National S'More Day: Everyday is national s'more day -actually it was August 10th but who's counting- if, like me, you're still celebrating this trippy recipe is for you. 

Full of Grace: Grace Kelly may be my all time favorite actress. Her timeless beauty and style -not to mention she was an actual princess- makes her stand out against all the other icons of her time. Here are some lesser known photos of Philadelphia's finest (some even, super-fan Tory hadn't even seen).

So Cute  I Could Eat It: There are so many Instagram accounts we have to follow, it's exhausting trying to keep up. But take it from me, this one won't disappoint. 

Looks J.Crew Loves: I don't care what anyone says- cough, investors, cough- J.Crew will always be my favorite spot for stylish, daily, basics. I'm happy to see the brand is attempting to veer back to their older, more classic, persona and if these looks are any indication of what's to come, I like what I'm seeing. Hello leather skirt!

Too Much of a Good Thing: What's better than getting more of a good thing? One of my favorite shoe designers, Loeffler Randal, is releasing an outerwear line this fall! I can barely contain my excitement. 

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