Sunday, August 9, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Back in the midst of another work week so it's only fair we set the bar super low this week and goof off for a little while while catching up on some "vital" information. I'll just leave this here for you...

Daily Diatribe

Here are today's topics: 

What's His Number: If, like me, you suffer from Don Draper (more like Jon Hamm) withdraw every Monday, you need a little fix to help out. Check out all those women Mr. Charisma managed to charm over the years. (#teambetty)

Emoji This: I could communicate using purely emoticons. This is a skill I am very proud of. So naturally, I'm a fan of any artifact that incorporates my favorite little cartoons. The fact that they are paired with my favorite shoe style is just proof I need to have them. The only real dilemma will be choosing which combo to buy. 

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes: I'm not exaggerating when I say that 80% of my summer wardrobe consists of stripes- mainly navy and white- so I'm always desperate for some new styling ideas. 

Dirty Girl Scout: Thin Mints are my favorite cookie by far, but they only grace us with their presence but once a year. So what is a girl to do, make her own of course! This recipe is so simple, I think even I could handle it. 

Jen found her Lobster: It might not have been her week, her month or even her year, but she definitely got her day! I'm pretty sure I have liked every single link on facebook pertaining to the Jen Aniston/Justin Therox wedding. My favorite celeb finally got her happy ending

Tooth and Nail: I have yet to jump on the gel manicure bandwagon, because I prefer to change up my color weekly, but have noticed my favorite indulgence chipping way too frequently. Here are a few tips to make that mani last longer. 

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  1. Speaking of not wanting to jump on the salon gel mani...Essie just came out with a "gel" topcoat. It doesn't require a light or anything and you apply it just like any other top coat. But it works miracles. Like you, I like to change up my color weekly, and this top coat makes my mani look gel and last the whole week, but it's not a pain the get off to change it up!


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