Monday, August 3, 2015

Girl Crush

If you've known me for awhile, you may know that I live life with the belief, that at any moment, certain celebrities are living the life I think I was destined to live, they just got their first. A sort of "bitch stole my life" kind of mantra. It all started when Tory Burch stepped onto the scene. At the time, I fancied myself the next big fashion designer, because I was blessed with the artistic skills of the average high school freshman and knew every line from Sweet Home Alabama, it was obviously my destiny. Until the day I saw that single page spread in Vogue. She was pretty, she was poised, she was stylish, she was a ME! Okay, she was obviously a better version of me on her worst day, than I could be on my best. But still, to a fifteen year old, she had already accomplished everything I had dreamt of doing with my life, complete with the spelling of her damn name!

But carry on, we must. So I began to imagine a different life...cocktails with Andy Cohen, a hit, hip show, flawless skin, and once again someone scooped me! That so easily could have been me! (Since I too could have flown on a live television broadcast, sung on Broadway, and attended Yale). But I had a choice, I could let my inner Regina George come out, or I could envy Allison Williams, her and dorky fiancé (who, in fact, isn't dorky at all. The dude founded Collge Humor. Ugh.). So for now I will just admire Bee Wintours bestie and her impecable taste.

Allison Williams

And in my version of the story, God, you can spare me the family scandal. Thanks.  

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