Tuesday, August 11, 2015

O' Natural

There are certain things you will never catch me doing; riding a scooter, wearing culottes, eating green peppers, using the term fleek unironically. Wearing my hair naturally, in public, used to be one of them. For as long as I can remember I have worshiped at the alter of hair straighteners and blow dryers. I have catalogued more time in front of my cosmetic mirror painstakingly smoothing every tress, than I care to admit. But one of my items on my 101 in 1001 (yes that still exists, and no I haven't payed enough attention to it) was to embrace my natural hair for two weeks straight.

Embrace the hair-and roots-  
(Insert Demi Lovato singing This Is Me)

As of late, I have opted to exercise in the morning (pause for reaction) which means showering and proper hair care, as I deem appropriate, simply isn't an option. So instead of jeopardizing my job and arriving an hour late each day, I have opted to "make it work" with the hair God gave me. For anyone who has travelled on a vacation with me, you know just how much of a personal triumph this is for me.

 if you're still not sure, drink lots of rose.

While I do tend to cheat the system slightly, still smoothing out the pieces that frame my face with my most beloved possession, my round brush, I have turned to some beloved hair care products to pull the rest of the slack. Shop my favorites below

And when all else fails, pull it back in a fishtail braid and call it a day.

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