Thursday, September 17, 2015

Book Club: Maybe, In Another Life

Do you believe in fate? If the fact that I have memorized every line to Sleepless in Seattle and My Best Freind's Wedding (and pretty much every other romantic comedy for the past 20 years) is any indication, I'd say I'm a hopeless romantic. So when I read the premise for Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel I knew it was right up my alley.

Hannah Martin seems to have pretty much nothing figured out in her life. At twenty-nine she has decided to relocate, yet again, to the only place that every really felt like home, Los Angeles. On her first night back, her best friend throws her a party and invites many characters from their past, including Hannah's ex boyfriend, Ethan...the one that got away. At the conclusion of the evening Gabby, the bestie, asks Hannah if she's ready to leave while Ethan offers to drive her home later. The book continues as two simultaneous stories play out based on Hannah's choice. The novel tackles the concept of soulmates and the tiny minutiae that ultimately builds our lives. It's a fascinating concept and I found myself comstantly conflicted about which storyline was better suited for Hannah.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday, which is a cruel joke for your mind to play. Nevertheless, we actually did make it to Wednesday which means it's time to celebrate by sharing some of what I'm loving this week.

What I'm Loving Wednesday 7
Thoroughly Modern Milly: This revisable Milly sweater that my fall dreams are made of.

La Dia de los Muertos: Get a jump on that Halloween decorating with these festive tumblrs. 

Flash Photography: I'm loving stalking all of the fashion week street style pics and Bill Cunningham spottings on insta 

Truffle Hearts: With each new season comes the need for new makeup. I've been slowly phasing out the summer shimmer for more autumnal hues but my new goodies need a fancy home. You cannot beat these truffle makeup bags, perfect for TSA airport searches, or just the black hole that is your Goyard. 

Lemons and Limes: Would you believe the most expensive things on Fire Island were limes? I'm not joking. I think I need to purchase this bracelet as an homage to my final trip of the summer. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get the Look: Suede Skirt

Suede for fall is about as revolutionary as florals for spring, but nevertheless I've been completely smitten with everything cowhide. Wether you opt to incorporate it subtly with booties, or boldly a bomber jacket, it's always a warm, cozy and sophisticated look. So even though fall feels a million miles away, a little outfit brainstorming is never a bad idea.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Happy Monday dear friends. If you were anything like me your body was still recovering from one too many Moscow mules last week, therefore blog posts were simply not an option. I hope everyone had restful, or wild and crazy, Labor Day Weekend and is ready to take on autumn. I'm embarking on an all green juice diet for the remainder of the season thanks to last weeks shinanegans.

While I continue to coat my body in aloe, here are a few topics we needs to discuss: 

Daily Diatribe

Skirt the Rules: If summer is all about sundresses, then fall is all about the skirt/shirt combo. Here are a few looks for inspiration

Bon Appetite: Recipes with 3 ingredients of less. So simple even I think I could execute them.

The Carrie Diaries: All of Carrie's greatest fashion one-liners in one place.

French Toast: The tips every french woman has mastered.

Rose All Day: Pantone released their color of spring (a few months early) so you can get a jump on all your essentials

Picture Perfect: No set has ever caused more wanderlust than the epitome of Hampton's chic in Something's Gotta Give. One family modeled their NYC apartment after the flawless abode.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Club: Eight Hundred Grapes

I'm aware that I have recommended several books this summer but it has been an unusually great summer for reading. I told you about my top two recommendations (here and here) and I have another one to add to the 'can't miss' list, Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. I've had Dave's previous novel, The First Husband, on my 'to read' list for forever so I was excited to see she had a new release out this year. As soon as I read the brief synopsis I knew it was right up my alley. 

Georgia comes face-to-face (literally) with a shocking reality on the day of her final dress fitting, a week before her wedding. Without thinking, she immediately flees her home in Los Angeles and returns to her family's vineyard just in time for the final harvest of the season. However, she quickly realizes she didn't manage to escape all of her problems. 

The book is extremely well written and will keep you so engrossed you won't be able to put it down. If you're looking for the perfect book for a final labor day getaway this is definitely it! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

How is it already Labor Day weekend? I still get that familiar lump in my throat as the summer winds down, especially without school supply shopping to take the edge off. Even though fall is probably my favorite season, especially in NYC, it's always bittersweet having to say goodbye to effortless sundresses, al fresco dining, and bottomless iced coffees. So let's indulge in one final getaway (this girl's headed to Fire Island for a long weekend of debautury) to give this summer the sendoff it deserves. 

What I'm Loving Wednesday Labor Day Weekend
All Wrapped Up: This Herve Leger bikini is something out of my dreams.

Cocktail Hour: The perfect napkins for the happiest of hours

Speaking off...: It wouldn't be summer without Rose and I wouldn't be a white girl if I didn't recommend The Fat Jewish's greatest contribution to society

Totes: Throw your Havianna's and Lemlem coverup in here and hit the beach to soak up the last bits of sun.

Tying Up Lose Ends: The ultimate, understated, patriotic outfit. (P.S. it's on sale!)

Cheers to summer swan song! 

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