Thursday, September 17, 2015

Book Club: Maybe, In Another Life

Do you believe in fate? If the fact that I have memorized every line to Sleepless in Seattle and My Best Freind's Wedding (and pretty much every other romantic comedy for the past 20 years) is any indication, I'd say I'm a hopeless romantic. So when I read the premise for Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel I knew it was right up my alley.

Hannah Martin seems to have pretty much nothing figured out in her life. At twenty-nine she has decided to relocate, yet again, to the only place that every really felt like home, Los Angeles. On her first night back, her best friend throws her a party and invites many characters from their past, including Hannah's ex boyfriend, Ethan...the one that got away. At the conclusion of the evening Gabby, the bestie, asks Hannah if she's ready to leave while Ethan offers to drive her home later. The book continues as two simultaneous stories play out based on Hannah's choice. The novel tackles the concept of soulmates and the tiny minutiae that ultimately builds our lives. It's a fascinating concept and I found myself comstantly conflicted about which storyline was better suited for Hannah.

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