Monday, September 14, 2015

Daily Diatribe

Happy Monday dear friends. If you were anything like me your body was still recovering from one too many Moscow mules last week, therefore blog posts were simply not an option. I hope everyone had restful, or wild and crazy, Labor Day Weekend and is ready to take on autumn. I'm embarking on an all green juice diet for the remainder of the season thanks to last weeks shinanegans.

While I continue to coat my body in aloe, here are a few topics we needs to discuss: 

Daily Diatribe

Skirt the Rules: If summer is all about sundresses, then fall is all about the skirt/shirt combo. Here are a few looks for inspiration

Bon Appetite: Recipes with 3 ingredients of less. So simple even I think I could execute them.

The Carrie Diaries: All of Carrie's greatest fashion one-liners in one place.

French Toast: The tips every french woman has mastered.

Rose All Day: Pantone released their color of spring (a few months early) so you can get a jump on all your essentials

Picture Perfect: No set has ever caused more wanderlust than the epitome of Hampton's chic in Something's Gotta Give. One family modeled their NYC apartment after the flawless abode.

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